Success Stories


Are you looking for motivation to live a healthier lifestyle? Some of your co-workers who have successfully increased their physical activity, decided to make healthier food choices and quit using tobacco shared their stories to inspire you and offer advice. Watch and read their stories below.

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Cathy, Labor & Workforce Development – Nashville
Cathy is a survivor. This single mother is on a journey back to health after an aneurysm. Her dedication has inspired her son to join her in exercise. She might just motivate you to do the same.

Morgan, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities – Nashville
As a teenager, Morgan was obese, had high cholesterol and was pre-diabetic. Eight years later, she’s healthier than ever. Learn how she lost 60 pounds and kept it off!

Dana, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities – Nashville
Dana is a single mother of four who is losing weight and feeling great. She credits Working for a Healthier Tennessee with jump starting her healthier lifestyle. She offers great advice for staying motivated to make healthy choices every day.

Jeremy, Human Services – Nashville
Watch Jeremy’s video to learn how a Working for a Healthier Tennessee challenge motivated him to live a healthy lifestyle.

Stokey, Finance & Administration – Nashville
Stokey lost 50 pounds by making small changes. He offers advice and inspiration for others who want to lose weight, keep it off and lower their cholesterol.

Raouf, Human Services
Raouf donated a kidney to his brother and started eating healthier foods in 2014. “You don’t realize how lucky you are to be healthy unless you go through such an experience,” he writes. “Once you are in the hospital bed or in the operation room, that is when you start thinking differently.” Raouf now eats a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. “I grow a garden every year. This year, I planted lots of turnip greens and kale. I planted enough to cover me for a while and share with others. My neighbors help themselves to my garden, too.”







Steve, Correction – Morgan County Correctional Facility
This Department of Correction chaplain completed his first Spartan Run at the age of 63. He offers encouragement for others who want to start living a more active lifestyle.

Cherrell, Human Services – Nashville
After Cherrell’s husband had a heart attack, she changed her views on healthy eating and exercise. She explains how to change your mindset in order to change your way of life.

Daphne, Human Services – Nashville
On her 50th birthday, Daphne ran, walked and biked 50 miles! Watch her story to learn how to go from walking to racing.

Barbara, Human Services – Nashville
Barbara started smoking when she was 16. Find out how she finally kicked the habit.

Heather, Agriculture – Nashville
Heather quit smoking in 2012 at the urging of her four children. She says she breathes better, sleeps better and has more energy. She has advice for others who want to stop using tobacco.

Theresa, Labor & Workforce Development – Nashville
Theresa smoked for more than 40 years. Find out how she finally kicked the habit.

Anonymous, Human Services
After smoking for 21 years, this person decided to quit because she didn’t want to age prematurely and her husband’s uncle died from emphysema. Her husband set a date to quit and they supported each other. Her advice for others is to do the same. She writes, “Set a date and have a partner who will help support you. Think of something to do when you feel the urge to smoke, like going online and looking at images of what smoking does to your lungs.”

Anonymous, Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities
“One Saturday morning after having been a smoker for the better part of four decades, I woke up, got my coffee, and decided to wait a little while before having that first cigarette of the day. Just shy of two and a half years later, I’ve still not had that first cigarette of the day. Instead, when those moments of ‘itching’ for a smoke occur, I take a couple of nice deep breaths and experience the alternative satisfaction of fresh air moving through clear airways.”