Tag! You’re It!

As mentioned on the September conference calls, we’re starting a fun Halloween themed challenge that is not only healthy, but fun! The challenge is simple, Tag someone!

The Challenge:
Attached are cards you can print out with “Tag! You’re It!” on the front. You print out a card and place it on a co-workers desk and they have to complete one of the challenges on the back of the card. Activities include leading an ABE stretch break or a group walk, replace your soda with water for a day or bring a healthy snack for all to enjoy.

Your department/agency can print out a couple of these cards and place them in a designated area, link them to this post or save the cards and mail them to your employees electronically.

Now for the rules:
1. A person can only be tagged once.
2. Once someone has been tagged, it’s their turn to tag someone else!
3. If a card has been placed on your desk, it’s up to your Wellness Council/Site Champion as to how long you have to complete the activity. It could be one day or it could be week!
4. Have fun!