Fun in the Sun

As mentioned on the June Site Champion conference calls, we’re starting a summer challenge that is not only healthy, but fun!

The Challenge:
Attached are cards you can print out with “Fun in the Sun” on the front. You print out a card and place it on a co-workers desk and they have to complete one of the challenges on the back of the card. Activities include leading an ABE stretch break or a group walk, replace your soda with water for a day or bring a healthy snack for all to enjoy.

Your agency can print out a couple of these cards and place them in a designated area, link them to this post or save the cards and mail them to your employees electronically.

Now for the rules:
1. A person can only receive a card once.
2. Once someone has received a card, it’s their turn to give one to someone else!
3. If a card has been placed on your desk, it’s up to your Site Champion as to how long you have to complete the activity. It could be one day or it could be week!
4. Another option is to create a relay. Once some receives a card they perform the circled activity and tag someone else immediately. That person either does the same activity or does another activity on the list. (This would be a good activity for a large meeting or during any other employee gathering.)
5. Have fun!